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3 Ways to Ease Anxiety

Fall is in full swing in Denver, woot! This is our absolute favorite time of year...snuggly scarves, spiced lattes, and fall cooking are among some of our favorite seasonal rituals here at Root. At the same time, fall can bring with it a return to busy schedules (holy school starting stress!) and EEK! The holidays are peeking over already on the horizon....

If you're a Denver woman dealing with some increased anxiety during this season (ahem...that's most of us) - here are 3 quick ways to ease anxiety that may be creeping up, despite the crisp, refreshing air and gorgeous Colorado fall colors: 

1. Download a mediation app. If you're the type of person who likes to be told what to do and guided in your workouts and teachings, these apps are the BEST. Download (most are free), pop in your earbuds and take just 3-5 minutes to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, deepen your breath, conserve your energy stores, and maintain focus much better for the duration of your day. Our favorites are Calm, Headspace, and Mindfulness. 

2. Start a morning calming ritual. Similar to meditation, this is a way to calm your brain AHEAD of the stressful day to give you your best start and best shot at maintaining more calm and more energy through the challenges of your day. This can be as simple as a morning meditation; 3 minutes of deep breathing; lighting a candle and repeating a positive mantra for a few moments; or using essential oils while reading a short, encouraging message or book (counselors hack: we like to fill our Instagram feeds with positive and encouraging teachers/writers/coaches/gurus, so that each morning we can simply open the app and get our hit of good, loving encouragement for the day). Choose whatever you'd like, but make it YOU, and keep it simple, and aim to repeat it most days of the week. 

3. Cultivate more laugh and play. Ladies, most of us are busy being MUCH TOO SERIOUS. It's exhausting, and we could learn some things from our kids and/or animals - PLAY IS CRUCIAL. Kids and animals do this naturally, but we forget as adults. Buy yourself the BIG box of crayons and a unicorn coloring book, and just color for a few minutes. Throw a ball in the back yard with your dog before running out the door to work. Our personal favorite? Throw on some loud booty rap FIRST thing in the morning and DANCE like it's 1990. Invited the dog/kids/partner to join you. It's really, really hard to do this without smiling a lot. ;)

There ya go, ladies! 3 simple, easy and quick ways to decrease anxiety and have more FUN. If you're a woman struggling with anxiety, know that working with a trained Denver anxiety counselor can help. This is our JAM; at Root, we know how to help women find more calm, ease and joy in their lives. Give us a call at (720) 363-9188 or Book Online Now, we'd love to help you create a life full of joy and easy.