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3 Quick Ways to Boost Self-Esteem!

At Root, we LOVE making women feel good. And not in that pollyanna "just think positive!" sort of way (although how we think about ourselves DOES really matter...;) We hear similar stories from women of many walks of life, and the longer we do this work, the more we understand that at the end of the day, we're all WAY more similar than we are different. And all of us are struggling in some way. All of us are doing the best we can with what we've got, but often wondering why we feel that everyone else is doing it seemingly "better" than us. 

So, here are 3 quick and easy ways to lay off yourself a bit, practice some self-compassion and give yourself a little self-esteem boost!

1. Take 5 minutes to write down some things you LOVE about yourself. Make a quick list. Include anything you want to, regardless of whether it's deep and meaningful, like "I'm an amazing friend," or simple and physical like "I really like my ass these days." ;) The point here is to break the cycle of negative self-talk (which most of us live in). We spend so much time thinking about what we feel is wrong with us that we miss all the amazing things we already possess. So give it a go. Write down what you adore about yourself. 

2. Decide to let one thing go today that you just don't want to deal with. That thing that's nagging at you that you REALLY don't want to do today? Well, today, don't do it. You get a pass. This is your permission slip. Let it go and move on and worry about it later. In the meantime, forget about it. If it absolutely has to be done, outsource it. If you can't outsource it, pick something else - but LET SOMETHING GO that you just don't want to do, and take that pressure off yourself. 

3. Find ONE thing coming up in the next month that you are really excited about, and think about how good it makes you feel. Don't over-think this one - it doesn't have to be something big like a vacation. In fact, this works better if it's not. But scan your life, your calendar, and focus on that thing that really jazzes you. Maybe it's a dinner date with a friend. Maybe it's being in bed by 9 pm with a good book because that's what you need right now. Perhaps it's a treat of some kind, but make it work for you, and focus on it. Notice how your body feels when you really focus on it. Notice what emotions come up, or if parts of you relax. 

That's it, ladies! Give it a go and let us know how it goes! Using some simple tools to boost your self-esteem and mood can go a long way in a stressful day. As always, we're here to help you along your journey should you find yourself needing a boost. As self-esteem counselors, we're here to help. Give us a call at (720) 363-9188 or Book Online Now!