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def ro͞ot/ basic cause, source, or origin / to establish deeply and firmly

Anxiety counseling, stress management, transitions, and self esteem counseling for women in the Denver metro area.

How Do I Know if My Anxiety is a Problem?

Fortunately these days, it’s become more and more acceptable for people to talk openly about their struggles, whether it’s problems with family, work, or our mental and emotional health. A lot of women, however, have become so conditioned to moving at such a fast pace that they aren’t sure how to distinguish their day-in, day-out overwhelm from an anxiety problem requiring professional help like counseling.

Here’s the thing, ladies: We don’t need to wait until we have a full-blown anxiety disorder to seek help. In fact, it’s much, much better if we don’t. Like most health problems, it’s easier to treat anxiety and heal it if we catch it early. In other words, if you’re consistently on edge, losing sleep, feeling overwhelmed, and the like, it’s probably a good time to slow down for a moment and assess what’s really going on with you.

In the West, we usually wait to seek help until we’re really struggling, or “sick.” Anxiety is a natural response and indication to us that something is out of whack in our lives, or that there is something going in us mentally or emotionally that is requesting our attention. As women, we often ignore these smaller signs, for a number of reasons –  perhaps we’re busy taking care of kids, or families, or careers. In addition, society often encourages us to put ourselves last.

When we learn how to tune in to our bodies, hearts and minds, and pay attention to these signals, or “alarm bells” going off – we do ourselves a tremendous favor, and we can head off a bigger problem later. It’s not always easy to do this, or to know how, and this is where anxiety counseling for women can help immensely.

Here at Root, we LOVE helping women catch issues in the “yellow” zone, before we cross over into the “red zone.” If you’ve had a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right with you, but you aren’t sure what, give us a call at (720) 363-9188 or Book Online Here. That’s exactly the time to seek counseling, because we can help you identify, address and correct whatever might be out of whack, before it gets any worse.

With love and light,