Root Counseling

def ro͞ot/ basic cause, source, or origin / to establish deeply and firmly

Anxiety counseling, stress management, transitions, and self esteem counseling for women in the Denver metro area.

Managing Anxiety in Challenging Times

Ladies, do you ever feel like what's going on in our current world and political climate is just too much? LIke the news is just an endless cycle of bad news? And like Facebook is just a constant stream of negativity? It's enough lately to skyrocket anxiety in all of us. As chill of a town as Denver can be, it seems that folks are just feeling more anxious in general. 

As women, we are also often dealing with the stress of managing families, careers, friendships and a whole host of other issues on top of all that. It's super important that we're finding ways to manage our anxiety. Sometimes that can be tough to figure out how to do when we're busy running around trying to keep up with it all. 

Talking with a trained anxiety therapist can help us learn evidence-based, specific tools to navigate our complex worlds. At Root Counseling, we LOVE to provide anxiety counseling for women that's specifically tailored for them to work with their busy lives. It's never about adding more to our plate; it's about managing what we do have on our plates in more effective ways, so that we can be more present to our loved ones and ourselves. We are passionate about setting women free from the constant cycle of anxiety and busyness, and helping them feel better in their bodies, hearts, relationships and minds. 

Give us a call at (720) 363-9188 or Book Online Now! We'd love to help you curate a lifestyle that involves greater joy, peace and freedom!