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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Happy Sunday, ladies! Hope you are all enjoying some of the Colorado sunshine that has finally found it's way through the winter storms to us! Denver is once again basking in the glow of blue skies and melting snow!

We've been talking a lot about women's self-esteem counseling over at Root this week. One of our clients was sharing recently how she feels sometimes as if she's utterly "failing" in life. She's in her mid-thirties, unmarried, doesn't own a home, doesn't have kids, and was talking about how - when she looks around and compares herself to others - she pretty much feels like shit. Like she should have ALL those things, and because she's doesn't, is not quite making the cut. This, of course, leads to her experiencing more low self-esteem and struggling to see and feel her own value and worth. 

As we explored these thoughts and gave them a safe place to be voiced, she came to recognize that there is a direct correlation between how she THINKS and how she FEELS. When she compares her life to others, all she feels is the following: lack, inadequacy, low self-esteem, depressed mood, anxiety, pressure and insecurity. However, when she shifts her focus to all that she has, all that she loves about her life, and all the possibility that life has to offer her, she fees the opposite: grounded, OK, happy, hopeful, energetic, more joyful and free. She also realized that the things she thinks she wants are things that may not look the same way for her as they do for other people. It was beautiful to journey with her in shifting her thinking and noticing the immediate relief and freedom she felt, simply by honoring HER journey.

If you're a Denver woman struggling with low self-esteem, we'd love to meet with you and talk about ways to help you change your thinking about yourself so that you can change your life. We ALL have immense power in every moment to change how we feel, yet most of us don't access it until we learn how, and start to tap in the immense spiritual power we all hold within us. 

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