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def ro͞ot/ basic cause, source, or origin / to establish deeply and firmly

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How Do You Want to Feel?

Happy New Year, ladies! We made it! Hopefully in one piece, although I imagine a lot of you are feeling preeeetty exhausted after this first week of the New Year. Back to work for a lot of us, plus catching up on the backlog of bills, emails, all the things. Good thing it's Friday, hopefully y'all are planning a little time for yourself this weekend. :)

A good friend and I were talking this week about our hopes, dreams and visions for 2017. For both of us, time feels like it's picking up pace every year and it can be hard to keep up. Many of us make New Year's resolutions, but a better question than "What do I want to do this year that I haven't?" - and, one less likely to end in an unused gym membership sometime around March - is, How do you want to feel? REALLY want to feel?

Asking ourselves this question (with some good, honest reflection) can help us get to the root of what we really want in life, and hence where we might want to consider making changes. Do you want to feel more joyful? More rooted and centered? More spiritually connected? More sober and clear? Once we have the answer to this question, we can start to plan how to move toward the desire feeling instead of adding one more thing to our to-do list. We stay in the positive, setting our intentions to a desired feeling instead of a desired outcome. 

For example, my dear friend really wants to feel more joyful this year. This has led to her exploring what really brings her joy, and so far, she's realized that her first step is actually not a new thing to do but an old thing to stop doing, so that she can create space for something more joyful to have room. 

As for me, one thing I'd like is to have more variety in my hobbies and exercise some new brain muscles, so I am dreaming about taking some new cooking classes to mix up my skillz in the kitchen! I too am realizing that to make space for this, I need to say no to more things than perhaps I do. It's not that I want to check a cooking class off my list. I want to FEEL more creative and free in my cooking, less bound to a cookbook and the same old recipes.

Are you ready to make a great transition from 2016 to 2017, and find your path to greater wholeness, joy and ease? Give us a call at (720) 363-9188 or Book Online Now! We'd love to help you feel how YOU want to feel this year!