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3 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress!

The holiday season 'tis upon us, friends! As we head into the weekend, I'm guessing you have a few (or several) things on your to-do list: shopping, parties, cooking, the list goes on and on. The holidays can really raise our anxiety and add a lot of stress to an already busy season. In the midst of it all, here are a few tips to help bring some sanity:

  1. Ditch some to-do items. A lot of women already struggle with trying to do everything perfectly all the time. Adding that kind of pressure to gift-giving, cooking, and hostessing can make us totally freakin' crazy. Ask yourself, "Do I really need to do ____?" Chances are, there are a few things on your list that aren't necessities. Let 'em go!
  2. Practice the art of "Good Enough." Along the lines of the previous tip, practicing the art of "good enough" can help us a TON when it comes to releasing perfectionism and enjoying our holidays. What does "good enough" look like for you this year? Is it letting your house be less-than-spotless? Is it outsourcing the turkey to Whole Foods or a butcher? You can reduce a lot of stress by just focusing on the basics and calling it good.
  3. Practice Gratitude. The holiday season - if we let it - can lead to focusing too heavily on consumerism and trying to fill emotional voids with things, food, busyness, etc. Y'all, we'll serve ourselves well if we slow down each day and take a few moments to call to mind that for which we are grateful. Take some deeps breaths, and jot down a list of things you just cherish in your life. Chances are as you start noticing those, you'll start to notice even more things for which to give thanks. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the stress of the holiday season, honor yourself by slowing down and letting some things go. Your body, soul and mind will thank you!

Happy Holidays from Root!