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def ro͞ot/ basic cause, source, or origin / to establish deeply and firmly

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Visiting with Family: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

It's hard to believe that 2016 is already coming to close (whaaaat?!?) and that 2017 is LESS than two weeks away! Many of us are right in the throws of holiday stress, finishing up end-of-year tasks, and preparing to travel. It can feel like a last-minute scramble to get everything done.

With the holidays often comes traveling home to see family, or perhaps hosting out of town guests. And time around family - as great as it can be - also brings with it a lot of old "stuff" in our family dynamics that can be challenging to navigate. Many of our clients come in around December/January saying things like, "I feel like I'm 16 again! My parents drive me NUTS!" When we get around a lot of family at once, it's not uncommon for everybody's old patterns to surface, for better or worse!

We were walking around Denver's beautiful Blossoms of Light display at the Botanic Gardens this week, and while there were many lovely singles, families and couples enjoying the lights, there was also an easily observable tension present for a lot of folks! Phrases like "We're late! Get moving!" or "You ALWAYS do that!" could be heard amongst the passer-bys. It seems everyone is just a bit more stressed this time of year. 

If you find yourself stressed out around this time of year or after spending time around family, we're here to help! Stress counseling can be a great way to learn tools to navigate tough people, tough situations and tough holidays. EMDR therapy is another great way to process through feelings and patterns related to our families of origin, and can drastically improve our relationships and happiness!

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