In our opinion, the best therapists know firsthand what it’s like to feel broken, and have walked a personal path of healing first.

As women, many of us have had a time in life where we felt like the sky was falling down on us. Where we didn’t recognize ourselves. Where we were scared and know we weren’t okay, but believed that if we just keep pushing through the days things would get better…but they didn’t. We may start having anxiety attacks that seemed to come out of the blue. Everything may seem off, and we feel alone. A season of life such as this can massively shake our sense of safety in the world. We can feel disconnected. Off-balance. And possibly convinced that somehow, we are entirely to blame for it.

If you have ever felt this way, those of us here at Root Counseling are SO glad you’re here, and want you to know that you aren’t alone. We get it. There have been times in our lives where we weren’t sure we would ever feel “normal” again or happy. As women, many of us are taught to put on a smile and keep pushing through it, so not even those closest to us realize how awful we may actually feel on the inside. Our team of professional, highly skilled, female therapists specialize entirely in women’s counseling, because we believe that women are the healers of the world, and also most likely to put themselves last when it comes to self-care. We are passionate about helping the women of Denver work through anxiety, life transitions, and self-esteem problems. We fully believe — both from our professional experiences, and from our personal lives — that experiencing the power of deep relationships and authentic connection with others is a key part of journeying toward lasting health.

We have healed through learning how to connect deeper with ourselves, the world, and others. This is what makes us confident in our ability to help guide others towards healing. Every member of our team has shown up to a stranger’s therapy office feeling really nervous and vulnerable, sat on their couch, and wondered what was going to happen in therapy. And pretty soon thereafter, we learned that it works. Each of us grew to have such deep respect for the life-changing power of the therapeutic process that we decided to study it formally, and have since dedicated our careers and our energy to helping women experience that same healing and power of human connection.

In other words…we truly get what it’s like to feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed!

Living under the weight of constant stress and anxiety is no way to live at all. It steals our sense of hope and purpose, diminishes our ability to be present in our relationships, and freezes us in time. We’re locked up inside, scared, insecure, and often blaming ourselves for it. It’s not your fault if life has starting moving faster that you can keep up with. It’s not your fault if you’ve tried really, really hard to “fix it” and it’s not fixed. It’s not your fault if the transitions you find yourself in feel like too much to handle sometimes.

In the darkest nights of our journeys, we found two crucial things that have changed our lives since: The absolute necessity of building authentic and meaningful relationships; and a spiritual path* that makes sense to us and acts as an anchor in our lives. Connecting to community and our greater purpose in the world changed the way we see the world and our role in it. We found healers to help us find our way, and we carry their wisdom with us to this day…wonderful therapists, mentors and teachers. We counsel well because we have been counseled well, and we bring our hearts and love to the process of therapy, which we consider to be a sacred space of healing.

We started learning how to breathe again. And that in order to move forward, we sometimes need to honor and grieve our past, which can feel like shit. But as we started listening to our emotions and getting curious about them, instead of reacting to them, we felt the weight lifting off of us. We started new adventures, formed new relationships and started growing our roots deeply. We learned to let ourselves be known, really known, and started to know others at that same depth. It was liberating. The support of a talented therapist was crucial for each of us in helping to understand that we weren’t crazy at all, we just needed to process through our experiences and emotions, and learn how to take better care of ourselves.

It’s an ongoing journey of staying committed to our own health and taking care of ourselves well, so that we can bring our absolute best and deepest wisdom to our work.

We are devoted to being fully “on” and present to each of our beautiful clients.

This is why we LOVE providing counseling to the amazing women of Denver so much. It’s an honor and privilege to support women dealing with anxiety, self-esteem issues, overwhelm and transitions, because women are the healers of the world.

We put everyone else first: our partners, families and careers. Sometimes we need a little help getting out of the vicious cycle of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. It can be hard to sort through all the therapists in Denver, which is why we offer all new clients a free 15-minute phone consultation to make sure we’re the right fit for you, and to connect you with the best person on our team for you.

Let’s get you feeling better and get you the support you need so that you can be the best YOU possible. Call us at (720) 363-9188 or book online now!

With love and light,

Jen, LPC and CEO of Root Counseling, LLC

P.S. For those of you who are interested in what formal qualifications we have to do what we do, here you go!

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), State of Colorado
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC), National Board of Certified Counselors
  • Certified Addictions Counselor Level II (CAC II), State of Colorado
  • EMDR Trained (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
  • Over 10 years experience conducting individual and group therapy using evidence-based practices such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectial Behavior Therapy), TREM (Trauma Recovery and Empowerment for Women), and Existential Therapy
  • Masters level studies in Theology

P.P.S. Our clients often tell us, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that we’re “spiritual, without being weird.” We believe that having a sense of meaning, purpose and connection in the world is incredibly important. Whatever that may be for you, it’s welcome in our work together. You might want to talk about spirituality in one breath, and let some cuss words fly in the next. Our clients are often surprised and relieved that we welcome both. 🙂